Whether it’s architectural photography, branding photos, or shots for a real estate listing, our photos generate excitement! That’s the goal - to spark the flame of interest and entice buyers or clients to take the next step. As a boutique photo agency, Luxe Property Media is well-positioned to accomplish this because we don’t employ the high-volume, cookie-cutter approach of larger firms who are burdened with high operating costs and marketing budgets. Their budgets force them to survive by chruning out a high volume of mediocre-quality work with no 'wow' factor. With these big-box firms, your project is approached and executed like every other project, and you probably won't even speak with your photographer before the shoot.

Further, with these big volume-dependent firms, special requests aren't included or you're forced to spend hundreds more on 'add-ons, and revisions are severly limited. Even the photographer's time on set is strictly limited. Our approach however as a ‘powerhouse’ boutique firm without that significant overhead means we spend as much time as necessary on your project to create something truly special, both on location and during the editing process. At Luxe Property Media, at every stage of the process, you’ll be afforded prompt and direct communication with your photographer, not a scheduler, and at all hours, so you’ll get immediate answers to all your questions, special requests, and pricing. On the day of your shoot, we’ll set a very limited schedule to allow for any last-minute requests or opportunities. After the shoot, we’ll get straight to work, and remain available to grant special requests, such as early delivery of select shots for a ‘coming soon’ listing, and revisions. In summary, you’re afforded a uniquely personalized level of service and the highest-quality, publication-level deliverables, yet at a reasonable price.

Contact us today and let's chat about how we can help generate excitement with your next project, and help you close more deals. We look forward to serving you!