In the Los Angeles real estate market or any market with a web presence, exceptional interior, exterior, and drone photos can offer some of the highest returns of all your investments. Only property or branding photos with sufficient 'wow' factor will motivate prospective homebuyers, clients or renters to take the next step – to contact the agent, and visit the listing, or to visit your business. There are plenty of other beautiful homes out there for homebuyers to bid on, so it's necessary to motivate them to visit YOUR listing first. Luxe Property Media's sharp, elegant imagery will ensure optimum impact in that respect. Recently, only a few hours after posting a few of our twilight photography images for a 'coming soon' listing in Glendale, the owner reported several drive-bys and even received a few offers! The home ended up selling for $700,000 over the initial listing price.

So if I were a real estate agent, broker, or artistic director, I wouldn’t be looking for the cheapest photographer who can give me the maximum number of images on the MLS or on the page for the lowest price. You can find plenty of listings and spreads that show tons of mediocre photos. I’d be looking for the best photographer who can help me spark romance and interest, generate leads, and build my brand image with outstanding photographs.

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